No. 1



Not just another overdrive pedal.

The NORDVANG CUSTOM No.1 is a premium quality overdrive/boost pedal and will take your tone to the next level.

It is a powerful tool in the eternal quest for the perfect sound and delivers a wide range of delicious tones, without ever compromising the true voice of your guitar. The sound is transparent and very responsive to your picking attack, making the No.1 a very dynamic-sounding overdrive and nothing like your regular TS-type overdrive.

The NORDVANG CUSTOM No.1 is designed as a real overdrive in the sense, that it interacts with the input stage in your guitar amplifier by pushing it into saturation and thereby generating true amplifier overdrive. This makes it the perfect match to a quality tube amplifier.

The Nordvang Custom No.1 is based on the legendary klon centaur, but with an improved circuit design, premium quality components and added options for tweaking your sound.

– To obtain a high level of transparency and clean headroom, the power is internally increased from 9 volt DC to +/- 15 volt DC, using an expensive, high-efficiency DC-DC converter.

– Switchable germanium/silicon clipping diodes.

– Switchable low-frequency drive response.

– Switchable EQ setting.

– Buffered bypass to prevent signal degradation due to long cable runs.

– Custom made, high-end Hi-Fi potentiometers manufactured in Japan.

– Audiophile components throughout:

  • 1% precision resistors
  • Metalized polypropylene capacitors in the tone circuit
  • No electrolytic capacitors in the signal path.

– High-quality switches.

– Internally wired with high-quality, teflon-insulated, silver-coated copper wire.

– Audio grade, 3% silver solder.

– Durable hammond aluminium enclosure.

The controls on the NORDVANG CUSTOM No.1 overdrive are divided into three sections: Overdrive-, EQ- and Output section.


The overdrive section includes the GAIN knob, the CLIPPING switch and the LF DRIVE switch.

The GAIN knob setting determines the amount of clean signal sent to the overdrive circuit, thus the amount of overdrive created by the effect on its own.

With the GAIN knob in fully counterclockwise position no clean signal is sent to the overdrive circuit and no overdrive is generated in the effect. With this GAIN setting the No.1 overdrive functions as a clean boost and you can adjust the boost level with the VOLUME knob.

Turning the GAIN knob clockwise, will increase the amount of clean signal sent to the overdrive circuit, thereby creating a more overdriven tone.

With the GAIN knob set around noon you get a mild overdrive sound, that responds well to your picking attack.

With the GAIN knob set around three o’clock most of the clean signal is sent to the overdrive circuit and you get a classic overdriven sound, however keeping the dynamic of your playing and the voice of you guitar intact.

The CLIPPING switch gives you an option to choose between two different types of clipping diodes. The clipping diodes generates the onboard overdrive sound of the pedal.

With the CLIPPING switch in an up-position a set of germanium-diodes are connected and with the switch in a down-position a set of silicon-diodes are connected.

There are big sonic differences between the overdrive sound generated by the germanium diodes and silicon diodes. The germanium diodes sounds softer and fuzzier than the silicon diodes. The silicon diodes on the other hand sounds cleaner and harder and further more results in a higher output level.

The LF DRIVE switch changes the low-frequency response in the overdrive circuit at high gain settings.

With the switch in an up-position more low-frequency signal is being amplified in the overdrive circuit, creating a fatter sound.

With the switch in a down-position less low-frequency signal is being amplified, giving a leaner and less fat overdrive sound.


The eq section includes the TONE knob and the EQ switch.

The TONE knob adjusts the overall tone of the effect pedal. Turning the knob counterclockwise results in a darker sound and turning the knob clockwise, results in a brighter sound.

The EQ switch gives you an option to choose between two different eq settings. This way you can tweek your sound, independent of your TONE knob setting.


The output section includes the VOLUME knob.

The VOLUME knob controls the output level of the effect pedal and is a very powerful tool in obtaining your desired sound.

If the No.1 overdrive is connected directly to a tube-amplifier, a high output level from the pedal will push the input-stage of the amp into saturation, thereby creating real tube amplifier overdrive.

If you stack the No.1 overdrive with another overdrive pedal, the output level will change how the two pedals interact, enabling you to tailor your sound.


The NORDVANG CUSTOM No.1 OVERDRIVE requires a regulated 9-volt DC power supply, with standard 2.1mm jack, tip negative polarity. We strongly recommend a high quality power supply with isolated outputs, eg. the Voodoo Lab Pedalpower 2+.

The power consumption of the No.1 is 175mA (+9VDC).

The No. 1 overdrive does not support battery operation.


Two years, parts and labor, to the original purchaser with no evidence of abuse or attempted modification. Please keep your sales record.

The NORDVANG CUSTOM -No.1- overdrive is handmade in Denmark by H. Nordvang.